DC Charger

Fast, flexible, and reliable. With its powerful output up to 350 kW, DC sets a whole new standard for fast charging stations.

Electrifyingly fast

DC’s secure and user-friendly design makes it accessible and applicable anywhere, by any electric car. On top of that, its smart power management capabilities will always ensure the cost-effective and energy-efficient management of multiple units. Fast, flexible, and reliable—DC sets a whole new standard for fast-charging stations.

DC charges fast to save time

Equipped with a power(ful) output between 50–350 kW, our fast chargers can charge up to 125 km in 30 mins (50 kW), and up to 400 km in just 15 mins (350 kW).

DC operates everywhere

Thanks to its flexible architecture and possibilities for customization, DC fits well into any type of space and is suitable for every use case around the world.

DC is made to last

With its unique auto-retractable cables, rugged high-impact housing, advanced heating system, and high-quality power electronic components, DC is fully reliable and made to last.

DC consumes power efficiently

From grid connection cost savings via the optional battery storage to smart queuing capabilities, DC knows how to consume the available power efficiently.

DC goes ultra fast

DC offers ultra fast charging with a powerful output of 175 kW up to 350 kW. Meanwhile, DC ensures an exceptional user experience thanks to its ergonomic auto-retractable cables, flexible architecture, and high quality components.

DC specifications

We listed the basic specifications for our DC charger below. Looking for more technical details? View the datasheet here.

  • 50–350 kW Charging capacity
  • 1 to 3 Number of connectors
  • Floor / Ground Mounting options
  • Fixed (auto-retractable) Cable options

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