HomeLine settles your charging costs with your employer. It's the best driveway companion for every lease driver.

Get the job done

HomeLine charges up to eight times faster than a regular outlet. It's by far the safest charging method for your car and home. Available with a fixed charging cable, HomeLine takes away the hassle of dragging your charging cable in and out of your car.

Get smart

HomeLine automates the invoicing of your power consumption with your employer. Its durable and modular build minimises the need for maintenance. So you can hit the road fully charged every single morning, month and year.

HomeLine specifications

We listed the basic specifications for our HomeLine below. Looking for more technical details? Download the datasheet here.

  • 3.7-22kW Charging capacity
  • 1 Number of sockets
  • Wall or pole Mounting options
  • Socket or fixed Cable options

HomeLine essentials

Here are all the details and instructions you need to set up and charge with HomeLine.