Smart charging

With Smart Charging, you prevent unnecessary costs and get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity. We offer a smart charging solution that guarantees a future-proof installation.

Smart charging everywhere

No doubt you’ll come across these words in your search for a charging station. It defines all intelligent functionalities in our charging stations that help you to optimise the charging process, making it an indispensable feature for operators of multiple charging points. Smart Charging creates and distributes the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary costs such as overcapacity fees charged by grid operators, and you’ll get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity, any time, any place.

Hub / Satellite operates multiple stations cost effectively

Operate multiple charging stations cost effectively with the Hub / Satellite configuration, which connects up to 20 charging points per location through a single communication device. This will substantially improve and facilitate the management of all charging stations and related sockets.

Load Balancing distributes the available capacity optimally

Distribute the available capacity per location proportionally over all charging stations in use with the Load Balancing service. This service ensures that each car is optimally charged within the limits of your charging stations’ and facility’s capacity.

Peak Shaving prevents overcapacity

Prevent peak usage and avoid overcapacity fees with the Peak Shaving service. This service allows you to set up a maximum capacity for your charging stations during the day. This way, you ensure that you won’t exceed the limits of your property’s maximum capacity, even during peak hours.

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